Schools and Internet Filtering March 8th, 2011


Inspired by a blog post from Chris Betcher and his article¬†Head in the Sand – I can only add a few things as I’m disgusted at the determinedness of educational authorities in the Public School System, I won’t say what State I’m talking about, as I’m sure it happens in all to some degree.

Sites with obvious educational value are being denied access for such trivial reasons it beggars belief what they must be thinking in this day and age…after all, I thought we were living in the 21st century and in a digital world, a fast developing digital world at that. Ok, before those that hold the belief that technology is only a tool, one of many, for learning, this is not about that as such.

One good instance, You Tube for use by teachers was denied up until only a year ago, lucky teachers, we were looked at as adult enough to warrant trust from big brother. Oh, and for a while, you could embed into Moodle or a Blog the code for You Tube videos but alas, that has been a step back now, as you can not embed the code in Moodle or Blogs which can be accessed by students in school, no fear, we can show it on the board, for those lucky enough to have those facilities, as not all schools do, but make it worthwhile for learners and have them on a site they can access after teacher research has found it appropriate, no, we can’t be trusted that far. Tell me please, what is the bloody difference in having shown on a board in a classroom to having it on a Moodle site or a Blog?

I think that they have to start easing off and trusting that as Professionals we are adult enough to think what is appropriate and non appropriate for classroom use, after all, how do we teach the students what is and what is not appropriate if all of anything of value or not is blocked?

Read Chris Betcher’s Blog post and then comment if you wish on this, as both go to saying pretty much the whole story on Internet filtering by educational departments. Also, another post from the Irish Times –¬† – worth a read to see what is meant by technology in the classrooms being of value or not.

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